Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Summer is Coming to an End..

Only 18 days left of summer for my kiddos. Boo.

We just returned from church camp, the one I attended as a child. I have not been there in almost 20 years. While they have updated the actual campgrounds, the spiritual feel remains unchanged. The Holy Spirit moved just as always and souls were saved. Our plan is to go back next year. My camera did not work for me properly, I think it was bad batteries, so I only have a few pics from my phone. Another boo.

We still have one more trip planned before the summer ends. We are going to Kentucky for a weekend. We go because of a family reunion that occurs on a Sunday afternoon, but we always go down a day or two earlier for a little shopping and recreation!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Locks of Love and Other Fun Summer Stuff....

At the start of our summer, my eight year old decided it was not only time to cut her hair, but to cut it short enough to make a donation to Locks of Love



Because she made the donation, her haircut was free!!!

Also at the beginning of our summer we went to the St. Louis Zoo. Never before I had I walked so much in a single day. We were with our family, so we looked at everything, rode the train, saw the sea lion show, petted the sting rays, fed baby goats, you name it we did it and had loads of fun!!!

Here are my four with my neice and nephew..great looking bunch!!

We also had the opportunity to go see Beauty and the Beast performed. Unfortunately, that day we went started off alright, went bad, then was great again, however, during the brief bad time, I forgot my this is all I have for you!!!

While we still have several things on our plates to do this summer, including trips to Chicago and Kentucky to see family and dare I say, I am working up the courage to take all four of my kiddos to church camp - yikes!! This has been the best summer we have had in a long is all about making memories that will last forever.