Monday, April 4, 2011

Finally Yard Sale Time...

I hauled in several things this weekend from yard sales.

I have two favorite finds this week..the kids papasan chair and that black cushioned ottoman. We are in the process of updating the kids bedrooms and are looking into purchasing a loft bed for our middle daughter. The papasan chair will look great under it next to a little desk - it will be her reading chair!!

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I not only found this ottoman, then saw it was only $1 and THEN the owner of it charged me only $1 for EVERYTHING I purchased at his yard sale.


Anyway, this will be going in my oldest daughter's bedroom and will be recovered with zebra striped fur (that is her desired print). Just last week stumbled across a blog that shared how to do this. I am thinkin' it is going to look sooooo good!!

The ironing board was a purchase that reminded me why I love to garage sale! We have been in need of a new ironing board for quite awhile, I have just had a hard time shelling out $20 for a piece of flat metal that will not be used very often. (I do not purposely purchase any clothes that will require ironing before each and every use)

Cheap? Yeah, maybe..

But I am ok with that because I found this beauty of an ironing board for...


Yup.. saved myself $19.

The bulletin boards are going to be covered for my two oldest daugters to match their rooms.

The life jacket is for our youngest when we go on vacation and for when we go to the lake this summer. ( We are going to attempt to become a camping family - we will see how that works out!)

The purse..well, that's for me.

At the beach.

Love it.

The frames will be accenting one of our living room walls after they are painted. I am wanting to do one of those gallery walls that I keep reading about.

Oh and hanging on the ironing board is a summer dress I bought for myself for our vacation. I haven't decided though if I like it on me or not, so it may go in my Ebay pile.

Included in my finds were plain, yet beautiful light green tablecloth & eight (that's right EIGHT!!) matching cloth napkins - LOVE IT!! (They have been washed and are in use right at the moment so they are not pictured with my other finds)

All in all I am happy with my purchases and as it gets warmer, I am excited to go to even more garage sales!!

Happy Monday all!!