Friday, June 1, 2012

The Ugly Truth

I am a little nervous about posting this on my blog..sharing my struggles, seeking advice for myself. So reader beware...I need your help....

For years I have been told lovingly by my family that I have ADD. Recently my husband has come to  agree with them...lovingly.

I asked my doctor about it a few years ago, but he reassured me there was nothing wrong with me. It was the result of working full time, raising four kiddos and running a household. Too much on my plate. He told me that his wife has to help out his own married daughters from time to time. So I either needed to hire help (while both my mom and mother-in-law are awesome, they both work a 40+ week and hubby works 12 hour shifts and does what he can) or give up something.

So I mulled through this..ok hired help was not even considered. I could not just pick one kid to get rid of, I mean what kind of mother would I be??? So after talking, praying, etc. it was the job that had to go. I think I shared all of this before.

I honestly believed that once I became a stay at home mom  everything would change and that it would happen magically.

Suffice it to say I no longer believe in magic.

I still struggle with staying focused. I can be working on one project, stop to get something, become distracted and start working on something completely different, only to realize later that I did not complete the first task. This causes a lot of unfinished projects, half cleaned rooms, etc.

To say I get frustrated and overwhelmed at times is an understatement.

So today I am just wondering if there are others that struggle with this or have in the past? If in the past, how did you overcome it? I would love suggestions?

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I Am Back

So I ventured out and started a new blog Saving With Purpose. The idea behind it was to be a money saving blog where I shared our purpose behind saving money, which was not only to be a good steward, but to eventually realize our dream of moving into a larger home, with land and essentially having our own homestead.

Basically I did not find as much joy in writing or posting about deals and money saving tips. It was fun some of the time, but not all. the. time. I missed sharing stories of my life as a wife, mom, child of God, etc. While I did own the blog and could have written whatever I like, it just didn't feel right..ya know.

So anyway, long story short, I am back!!

For the record though, the dream is still alive more than ever and I do still love saving money!!