Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Garage Sales Pet Peeves....

Ok really I only have two pet peeves when it comes to garage sales.

The first one is when there are no prices on anything. If I am at a yard sale and I see no prices on items, I turn around and move on to the next one. I do not want to have to ask for the price everytime I find something that I find interesting...seriously people, if you are taking the time to have a yard sale..PRICE YOUR STUFF!!!!

Whew..I feel better about that!!

My second pet peeve is probably a very common pet peeve among garage sale goers (sorry, I know that is probably not even a word!) anyway, the pet peeve is when things are priced soooooooo high... I walked away from a garage sale the other day because of this. I am pretty sure they must have been trying to make their mortgage payment for the month or something off this garage sale.

Here is just one example of their overpriced stuff junk...

A Fisher Price Chatterbox Phone like this one below

You can purchase it at Toys R Us in brand new packaging and then return it if you decide you really do not need it for about $8, probably even less at Walmart.

At this garage sale you could have purchased it without any packaging, slightly used shape and without the option of returning for..........



What is wrong with people?

I know, I know. I really need to get a life.

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