Friday, November 6, 2009

It is Finer Things Friday...

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. Proverbs 14:30

Wow... what a stick it to you verse!!! I honestly had not heard this verse before or if I read it, heard it.. I did not heed it.

Contentment is something that I struggle with at times. It is far too easy to look around and take notice of where everyone else is at in their life's journey, compare it to where you are and fill your heart with discontent. My struggle isn't always with material things, it is with spiritual things, it is with emotional things. Regardless of where the discontent lies, it can easily harden your heart.

I have two things that if I allow myself to ponder on, I can easily fall into a state of dissatisfaction.

The first thing is our house.. bottom line *I* think it is too small. We are a family of six in a three bedroom home that is around 1500 square feet, are you feeling my clausterphobia yet? When I drive around and look at larger homes, go to family or friends whose homes are larger, I could easily fill up with envy IF I allowed it.

The second thing, is not a thing at all and is something that is much harder. It is a person, it is my dad. My dad passed away almost ten years ago. I miss him so much. I have to be careful though, sometimes while thinking about him, I start thinking about how my kids will never know him, at least here on earth. I know that he would have adored them and they him. I think about my mom not getting to grow old with him, that makes me sad for her.. it makes me envy those whose father is still living. It is hard. Our family has been through alot since he has been gone, some great times.. weddings, births, etc. Some sad times.. loss of loved ones, miscarriages. He would have been our family support during the sad times and would have been the one leading us in a prayer of thanksgiving for the happy ones.

I have come to a place of contentment though for both issues..

So our house is small, but it is ours (ok technically it is Wells Fargo). It is a roof over our heads, but most of all it is a safe haven for our family and we call it home. Many families live in much larger houses than ours and still cannot call it a home.

Yes, my dad is not with us. Yes, I totally hate that my kids do not have their grandfather here. But I know that this separation is only temporary. I know that one day we will be reunited and my children will meet their grandpa face to face and will live side by side with him for eternity. I am so thankful for the legacy he left our family. I would never trade his death for more time if it meant that he was any other kind of father than what he was.

Contentment is a choice and as if wanting to keep my bones in tact weren't enough, I choose to be content because anything less robs you of true joy and a place of peace.

Contentment is a finer thing in life!

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  1. "Many families live in much larger houses than ours and still cannot call it a home." So, so true. Our home is just shy of 1,500 sq. ft. so I'm right there with you. I figure if I had a bigger house, I'd have more to clean. Blech. :)

  2. I figure if I had a bigger house, I'd have more to clean. Blech. :)

    I could not agree more, the blech and all!!!