Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Just Have to Share...

what a wonderful weekend we are having!!

We took the kids to Our Lady of the Snows shrine Friday night. My oldest rode a camel, while my son rode a donkey. The other two enjoyed watching them ride, but were a little unsure that they need any other transportation other than their own to feet or mom & dad's van.

We drove through the Way of Lights and tested each other's knowledge on the true meaning of Christmas. I am proud to say we passed!!

Yesterday I was able to get up early, sneak out of the house and go Christmas shopping with my mom. We had a great time.

Then last night Brian and I decided to make a cake using fondant for a family Christmas get together that we are going to today. We enlisted the kids for help, ok actually they volunteered.. Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss is a family fave in our house. While we won't be having our own show anytime soon, I think our collective effort made for a pretty cute cake and certainly made for some great family fun!! Take a look...

As if our weekend was not filling enough, after church we will be heading to a get together with Brian's family for some food and games!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!! Enjoy!

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