Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Missing In Action...

That would describe me lately...

Since Thanksgiving, our family has endured some worries I suppose, for lack of better words. The things that have presented themselves as worries are still among us for now, but we are putting aside the worry....God is in control and the Great Physician. Enough said.

I hope everyone is well and on their way to having a Merry Christmas! It is just around the corner!

If you are looking for ways to have a beautiful Christmas on a budget, I encourage you to take a look at Cha Ching On A Shoestring on how to do just that. Kaley has teamed up with a couple of other bloggers to show us how to have beautiful Christmas without breaking our budget!!

Merry Christmas All!!

(Pretty cool, huh?- I can sign my name!)

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