Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Me a Minimalist??

Minimilist: one who seeks to minimize or reduce to a minimum

If you are reading this and know me, you are probably thinking, yeah, right!

If you have seen my closets, my cupboards, my drawers, you are probably saying "whatever, no way will you ever be a minimalist."

You are probably right. Considering that just six months ago I attempted to declutter our home and while I did manage to get rid of A. LOT. I somehow didn't get rid of enough. I am running out of room....again. I am feeling disorganization creeping back into my closets, my cabinets, my life. I think that maybe a minimalist way of thinking is the way to go, who needs five casserole dishes, who needs three full sets of dishes, who needs three winter coats, five purses, ten (and then some) pairs of shoes, I think you get the picture. So as I begin spring cleaning, I will be challenging myself to think like a minimalist.

Does that mean I can't stockpile?

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