Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She's Stuck In My Heart...

Is what my barely six year old son told me last night through tears.

Sadly for me, I wasn't the "she".

No, it wasn't some little girl in his kindergarten class either.

It was his grandma, my mom.

My only son has formed a bond with my mom that is so sweet and so special. At least one night each weekend he stays the night with her, unless she is out of town. If she is out of town, like she was this past weekend, he can hardly wait till she comes home. Asking me continually if she would be home yet, when will she be home, why isn't she home, etc. you get the picture!

She had a birthday over this past weekend, but we had to celebrate it last night. In addition to the gift that my husband and I had bought her, my younger three kids selected items from their own personal possesions that they felt she would enjoy and they made many a card for her. My son was the most eager to give her his card, I didn't see it before he gave it to her, so I wasn't sure why the excitement other that the obvious - it is her birthday (duh - says the six year old!)

Then she opened it.

All his money that he had left over from his birthday...all $4.

She was touched, as was I.

Of course, Grandma hated taking his money, so they came to an agreement, she would buy a dinosaur egg for him them.

As it seems to become more and more frequent, when it is time to leave Grandma's house, the tears begin to flow.

And flow.

No tantrum, just a muffled cry with alligator tears streaming down his face.

He tells me that when he leaves he can't help the tears because when he is away from her he misses her..."Mom, she is stuck in my heart".

Once we get home, he is alright. He calls her every night and sees her on the weekend.

We give my mom grief that he is the favored one, but we all know that is not true. She loves her children and grandchildren equally. However, there is no denying that she is his favorite. Sniff, sniff.

Is someone "stuck" in your heart or better yet, are you "stuck" in someone's heart?


  1. Oh how I wish my kids had her as a grandma. She rocks and is stuck in my heart too!!!

  2. What a sweet little boy you have! This post made me teary-eyed. My son loves his "Grams" too, and gets so excited when he gets to see her. He actually bounces up and down with excitement.