Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vacation Challenge-Week 4

My week was better than last week, but still far from the first two weeks. The writing for me was scarce again.

I started the week still needing $222.86.

Writing projects - $27.50

Ended the week still needing 195.36.

I have several things to put on Ebay..so I need to get motivated and do so.

I did score a couple of good deals at CVS this week..

1 Crest Pro Health on sale for $3.29
- I used $1 off coupon + $1 CVS Extra Care Buck
2 Battery Operated Oral B Toothbrushes on sale for $6 each.
- I used 1 $3 off coupon + 1 BOGO free coupon

Total for all before coupons = $15.29

Total after coupons + tax =$5.61

BUT the best part is that I received
$9.29 back in Extra Care Bucks (If you are unsure what ECB's are, they work just like dollars at your CVS Pharmacy!)

So I have almost $9.29 to roll over into their next deal!!

Plus I got in on the Target frozen food deal this week and purchased 7 frozen food items, of course, used coupons on all 7 and scored a $5 Target gift card for a later date...

Not too bad, not too bad!

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  1. I'm glad you found the post on freezer meals helpful- they are nothing gourmet, but they work! I love your vacation challenge! I'm always looking for ways to pinch pennies!