Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vacation Challenge-Week 5

As you can assume by my lack of blogging, I have been busy doing other things around the house and not as much time on the computer.

However, I did mange to get a little work in over the past week to go towards my vacation challenge.

I started the week needing $195.36

I had $39.50 from writing projects.

Leaving a total of $155.86 still needed!

I am getting close.....

I still have not put my items on Ebay yet, simply because I am waiting for them to have another listing special. Hopefully they will have one soon!

I also do not have any great savings to report.

Here's to next week...hoping (fingers crossed) that I can earn at least $55.86, leaving only $100 to go!

That would be so awesome!!!

**I do have a plan that should help with the cost of groceries while on vacation that I will share with you very soon!!**

1 comment:

  1. I love seeing your progress, Penny. You are getting there!