Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daily Schedules

I have found that I can be busy all day long and go to bed not accomplishing one thing that I had on my mental "to do" list.

Frustrating? Yes.

Some in my family, upon hearing my complaints of my seemingly scatteredbrainness (is that even a word? Doubt it..) suggested that I have adult ADD. While they were just kidding, sometimes I wonder, I distract very easily.

If I do not have a list, if I do not write it down, I will may (gotta give myself some credit) forget to do.

Another issue that may or may not happen.. I will never admit if it has or not.. is I can see me getting lost on the computer, printing out coupons, reading other people's blogs about how they do it guess is that they spend time doing it and not on the computer or learning how to do a variety of crafts..and when that happens if that were to happen..time is lost which leaves me scrambling to do what needs to be done for the day.

I have found that making a to do list and having a schedule keeps me from forgetting anything, as well as, keeps my day balanced. I can then go to bed feeling accomplished!

That's a pretty good feeling!!

Check out this cool schedule printout..well, I like it anyway! Daily Schedule from Buttoned Up.

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Happy Wednesday!


  1. I will say from an educator's point of view there are tons of reasons we struggle with focus, ADD is only one of them.

    Secondly, one of the worst things we do to ourselves as adults is compare our lives and accomplishments (or lack of them) to others. We tend to only see one side of the equation without understanding the balance that has to occur for the outcomes that those people are discussing to occur.

    I think you have made a great discovery. You identified an issue and have a solution. Reading or listening to other people may help you develop new strategies, or not. Ignore the ones that don't help and try out the new ones that will work in your life.

  2. Thank you for your comment..I have often found myself comparing myself to others, I am learning to not do that. I really appreciate your insight.

  3. I love my lists! I would be lost without them.

  4. I have a large day planner that I must use for work or I'd never get everything accomplished.

  5. I use Motivated Moms, because like you, if it isn't written down, I'll probably never get around to it. Admittedly, I spend too much time on other blogs too!

  6. I was diagnosed as "borderline" ADD , whatever that means, some years ago through my psychiatrist. All I know is, even a list and schedule does not seem to help me these day. :( I need some sort of a "system"!