Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Never Say Never - My New Avia ITone Shoes

Every. Single. Time. I have a "never" thought, I always (or so it seems)end up doing it.

My dad was a pastor and he traveled quite abit for missions, revivals, retreats, etc., I specifically remember telling myself that I will NEVER marry someone that is away often (I was a big old chicken at the time & didn't like my dad not being home at night) I had no intention of being alone at night.

I married a military guy = gone for days at a time. He is now out of the military, but now he works nights.

Nice, huh?

When Facebook first became popular, I said the N word again.

Yup, you guessed it... on it and checking it daily. I check e-mail, then Facebook.

So when Sketchers came out with the Shape Ups, I thought.."Man, those are ugly..I will never where those!" I even had a conversation a week or so ago with my best friend about them. almost guessed it. I did not buy the Sketchers - not in my budget - but I bought Avia's version of them (they were a sale that fit my budget). They are ITones.

Not only did I buy them...I totally love them!!!!

Here goes..

I am never going to win a million dollars...NEVER!!!

You think it will work???


  1. I hope your strategy works on the million dollars. I try not to say never to too many things, it is almost tempting fate. I have managed to stay off FB and it is a goal to remain off it. However, we have moved forward with other technologies as they have become cheaper and more tempting. My husband finally got his HD TV and his Blue Ray. We never said never, we just said not until they price went down.

  2. Most of the nurses at work wear shoes like this. They figure if they have to be on their feet a lot, they might as well be getting something out of it.