Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Funtainers.... how fun!

Lunches from home have always been well... boring.. at our house, it always is sandwich, chips, fruit and a snack. Because I tend to lack in the creativity dept. we have let the kids buy their lunches from school. That really was not a problem, our school lunch offered choices and they were healthy choices, the problem is that now with three of our four children in school, buying lunch everyday is rather expensive! There is a mommys board that I frquent and everyone kept talking about funtainers and how their child took leftover spaghetti, soup and other things that would need to be heated up to eat. Apparently, these funtainers will keep hot food hot for 5 hours and cold food cold for 7 hours! I was so excited because I could get them each one and that would help solve the lunches from home problem, especially Ethan because he does not like sandwiches at all! They are pricey... $16 each, but fortunately I found them 50% off at Target tonight in their back to school section. The kids are taking leftover spaghetti tomorrow. I am anxious for them to report back to me if their food indeed was still warm at lunch time.

Here is a pic of what one looks like...Ethan has this one, Transformers of course!

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