Monday, September 7, 2009

What a Weekend....

This three day weekend was so busy! Filled with fun though!
My sister and her family who live in Chicago visited this weekend and as usual we had a really great time.

We went to two parades, went to the Barnyard Olympics at Eckerts Farm and then apple picking! The best part of this fun filled weekend, other than getting to spend time with our family, is that most of it was free - we obviosly had to pay for our apples that we picked!!! I love being able to do things with the kids, but since we are really trying to watch our pennies, we really rely on community activities that are free or almost free - the bottom line is the kids are having fun, we are making memories, they don't care or even know if it is free or not.

I have included some pics of our eventful weekend

She really isn't as high maintenance as she looks!!!

My beautiful neice Amber!

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