Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Fun Thus Far...

I cannot believe we are almost to the middle of June!!

So far I am having the best time with the kids. This week I had two extra kiddos during the day. They fit right in with my group and they all had a great time. We They played outside a lot, we went to the park, we took advantage of McDonalds spring time fun coupons for kids and got free ice cream cones. We have made s'mores. It has been fun!!!

Tomorrow is garage sale day.. I went last Saturday to a subdivision sale and really scored, mostly in clothing for the kiddos. I wish I would have taken pictures, but didn't and they are now all washed and nicely put up to be packed for next week.

I will share a run down of my best deal...

One house I went to had boxes and boxes of boys clothes...that just so happen to be the size that my son is in..a huge sign said, "Fill a bag for $2" I started looking and could not believe what I is what I filled my bag with and paid all of $2 for..

-3 pairs of brand new, tags still attached Wrangler jean shorts
-1 pair of Tommy Hilfiger jean shorts
-2 Ralph Lauren shirts (1 pullover and 1 button down)
-1 Levi Strauss T-shirt
-2 Tommy Hilfiger button down shirts

All the clothes were in perfect condition... I almost felt bad giving only $2 for it all.

I "heart" garage sales!

Next week is our vacation week. We are heading to the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. The kids are so excited and can't wait to go, well, neither can I. I will be taking tons of pictures and post them when we get back... well, most of them. There WILL NOT any pics of me in my me you thank me for that!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer too!!!

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