Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kansas City Trip Part 2: T-Rex Cafe

My husband is a deal maker, especially with our kiddos. The "big" deal on this trip was with our six year old son....isn't he a cutie?!

The deal was that he if he would go down one of the big slides (provided he was permitted)we would then go to the T-Rex Cafe for lunch or dinner one day. That was all our dinosaur lovin' little guy needed to hear. Within the first five minutes of entering the waterpark, my son and husband had gone down the big blue slide..I wish I had a picture. As soon as he was up out of the water, he confirmed that we would be going to the T-Rex Cafe.

We did.

He loved it.

Unfortunately, our youngest was not quite as excited to see these creatures, ok, not only was she not excited, she was plain ole' scared. She stuck close to mom and Oma on this outing. Our oldest, well, she, of course, is entirely too cool to even begin thinking that this dinosaur restaurant was remotely exciting. She still had a good time though, inspite of the uncoolness of it all!!!

Edited to add:
Prices were a little on the high side, however, the amount of food you receive was unbelievable. We took our leftovers back to the Lodge with us and had them for dinner that night. All in all, it was worth it.

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