Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Fun At Great Wolf Lodge

This week we had the privilege of spending four days and three nights at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City.


If you are not familiar with the Great Wolf Lodge Resorts, they are a very large indoor waterpark. I loved the fact that while they did have an outdoor pool area, the actual waterpark was indoors, which means weather and sunscreen were not worries.

Below are pictures of the waterpark and our stay at the lodge....enjoy!

This is what you see right when you walk into the waterpark area..pretty cool, huh?! There are a total of five slides, three of which are partly outside.

This is one of the pool areas, my two youngest daughters spent a good deal of time here, they even made friends!! The deepest part was 4'3" - which was perfect. My two year old wore her Coast Guard regulated swimming vest that the Lodge has available.

Cute, huh?!

Every five minutes, that large bucket dumps 1,000 gallons of water on the crazy water lovin' people below.

This is the area just before you enter the waterpark. There is one of the two shops on the grounds. This one is primarily for those items that maybe you left at swimsuits (lol), goggles, batteries, etc. This is also wear they check the height of the kiddos to determine what or where they can play in the waterpark. Fortunately, with the exception of our two year old, there was not really anything that they could not do.

Once you are done pruning for the day, you can hit the arcade located near the entrance to the waterpark. You can earn tickets to turn in for prizes, which we did. Each one of our children eneded up with 230 tickets a piece to spend... we might as well have sent them to the dollar store with one dollar to spend, yes, it was that painful. The attendant had the patience of Job and did not seem to mind, probably just thankful that we only had four kids!!

There were certainly other non-water activities available to guests including storytime, which we somehow managed to miss every night, Cub Club Crafts, my wonderful husband took the kids to do this activity while his mom and I shopped at the Legends outlet mall.. yup... you read it right, the Lodge in Kansas City is right next to a huge outlet mall!!!

Overall our family gives the Great Wolf Lodge two thumbs up.. it is a great family getaway and while initially the prices can seem to be high, when you consider that it includes lodging plus the use of the waterpark, it really is not bad. The employees were fantastic and the customer service really could not have been better. There were numerous life guards on duty at any given time and they were all very well trained, never did you see them standing around talking, but rather always were walking around their given area, watching the swimmers.

**Believe it or not, I was not compensated in any way for the above review and it is my opinion only**

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