Monday, February 1, 2010


I really have become a fan of those who repurpose things that no longer are used for their original intent (did that make any sense???)

Anyway, I want to share with you a couple of blogs that I love to check out that deal with alot of repurposing:

Sutton Grace - check out this entertainment center turned play kitchen...How creative can you be!!!


and another is Tea Rose Home. I linked it to One Shirt Three Projects Another incredibly talented woman!

So I decided to attempt my first real repurposing... I had a pair of jeans (that I did not take a before pic of) that were too big for me (yeah!!) OK, I can't get too excited about that because they were given to me and a little big from the start, although the little weight loss I have had has made them no longer useful to me. What once was a pair of jeans, is now a jean skirt for my daughter...

Please know that I am a novice seamstress. Actually using "I" and "seamstress" in the same sentence almost seems sacrilegious to those who really are great seamstresses. But Brian always tells takes practice, practice, practice and he is right. Anyway... be kind in your thoughts about my sewing skills or lack of!!!

See that Goodwill bag hanging there.. it holds another repurposing project that I plan on doing - it is not clothing, it will involve though, Mod Podge (big smile on my face!) you will have to check back later!!!

I figure repurposing in the end helps me cut costs.. here's how.

By repurposing items for decoration, I get the satisfaction of having a new look without spending a lot of money, maybe just spray paint or fabric...

By repurposing clothes that we no longer wear, I am able to practice my sewing skills and even make clothes for my kiddos without spending money on fabric!

I love it!!!

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