Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The WII, The Biggest Loser, The Ring and Me..Update 02/09/2010

Hmmm... So my weigh in today is not one to write home about...I lost a little more than a half a pound.. oh well, a half pound lost is better than any gain.

I did exercise more this week than I had been, however, my eating choices weren't always the best. I had run out of my healthy snacks and didn't get to the store till this past weekend to restock. I also know that I need to be drinking more water.

**Confession** After my weigh in this morning, Brian and I took the kids (they were off school due to the weather) to Denny's to take advantage of the free Grand Slam breakfast. I am confident that I ate all of my calories for the day at breakfast..oh well, it was a great family time and we enjoyed it! I will just get my water out and carrot sticks to eat for the rest of the day..

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