Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Happens When Your Two Year Old..

Discovers that scissors can pretty much cut anything and that glue is not just for gluing objects..

So the pictures do not really show very well what exactly she did to her hair. In different places she cut her hair. With her hair being so fine, it really is hard to see where it is cut. Apparently at the same time as feeling that she needed a haircut, she must have found some sort of glue like substance that she mistaken for hair gel, thus we have the matted hair look in a couple of spots...

After many a hair washing this morning and absolutely no luck, my only option left was to cut it out. Since my haircutting abilities are about as good as my two year old's abilities, I figured it was best to let the professionals cut it out for me.

Since this would be her first haircut professional haircut, I really thought that she would be sitting on my lap, therefore I did not even bring my camera. However, being the lil' Miss Independent that she is, she sat in the styling chair all by herself. (Sniff, Sniff, my baby is growing up so fast!!)

Anyway, here are the after pics...I think she pulls off the cut quite well...

In this picture of the back, see where it looks thinner, that would be one place she cut..

And because I want to save my reputation as a mommy and because I know that you would like to know how she happened upon a pair of scissors as well as a glue like substance, I am going to go ahead and shift the blame right where it belongs... on her older sisters and brother. I am sure one of them left out their art and craft set they got for Christmas. *I* would never leave anything of that sort out in her reach - OK, OK, I **may** have been blogging when all this went down, maybe she knew I was going to need some new writing material!!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

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