Saturday, October 17, 2009

Do I Get an "A" for effort?

Well, for starters let me do a little happy dance.... yesterday was my last day working outside the home!!!

Ok - so back to what I wanted to post about. I have been mulling over what we should budget weekly for our groceries... the same number pops in my head... $60/week for our family of 6. Soooo, I figured this week I would give that amount a whirl.

The results?

$62.65... not too bad, but still over. In my defense and to my utter shame, that was without coupons......gasp.... This past week was crazy being my last week and Brian's long week, so I didn't get the time or make the time to look over sale ads and match with the coupons.

At any rate though, I did stick to my new rule and that is any meat I purchase must be less than $2/lb. I did fairly well there getting a whole turkey breast for $1.19/lb, porksteaks for $1.69 a pound, pork roast for $1.99/lb and chicken breasts for $1.96/lb. So pork and poultry it is this week!! Maybe not, I do have some beef that I purchased on a previous shopping trip in the freezer, so we will be able to mix it up a bit!

I will update next week with my $60 or less grocery shopping challenge for myself!

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