Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are THAT Family....

I have been following Kristen's blog over at We Are THAT Family for awhile now. I love the way she shares her family's experiences that leaves you thinking.."Whew, I am glad it is not just our family that experiences more than their fair share of THAT family moments!!!" You know those moments...

** when you call the dr. on the weekend because you think your 7 month old has thrush when really it is just crackers stuck to the roof of her mouth (in my defense I didn't know someone had given her crackers in the nursery at church)

** or when you have to pay out of pocket $60 dr. fee to have a piece of styrofoam removed from your son's ear,

**or you come home from work to see your preschool daughter in the cheerleading sleeveless outfit, complete with cable tights and sandals that daddy let her go to school in,

You get the picture, right?

A Christian mom, Kristen always puts a positive spin on things and keeps it all in perspective. Today is her 2nd anniversary in blogging and to celebrate she has asked other bloggers to share their "THAT" family moments. I submitted our most recent, which surprisingly has been a couple months ago.. yikes, I am nervous now!! Check out my family's most recent "THAT" family moment and be sure to visit Kristen's blog at We Are THAT Family today and read other bloggers "THAT" family moments... trust me it will make you feel good about your own!!!

Enjoy reading!

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