Sunday, October 18, 2009

Do you shop online?

If the answer is yes, then before you ever hit the "proceed to checkout" button, you must visit Coupon Chief. It is an online shopping community that has coupon codes to more than 8000 online stores. The coupon codes range from $ amounts off, % off to discounted shipping. Most seem to have more than one online code and I have noticed over the past few years of online shopping that alot of online retailers will allow you to stack coupones...Ladies, Victorias Secret being one.
Before using the coupon you can read if others have used the code, if there were any problems with it, etc. Once you use the coupon code I would encourage you to go back and leave a review.

Have an online coupon to share? Well at Coupon Chief once you sign up as a member you can participate in their pay to share program. Pay to share allows you to earn money each time someone uses a coupon that you have submitted. It is a win win situation!

With Christmas just around the corner, Coupon Chief is a must add to your favorites. Brian and I have done a lot of our Christmas shopping on line in the past years and will do this year as well. I have already checked out our most frequented online retail stores and was pleased to find them all participants on Coupon Chief's website.

If you are still unsure of just exactly what Coupon Chief is and how it works, they have a great video tutorial that you can find here.

Happy shopping everyone!

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