Thursday, October 22, 2009

Check List

Living room cleaned and decluttered.... check

Coat closet organized and decluttered..... check

Hallway corner shelving decluttered and windexed.....check

Hallway closet organized....check

Bathroom cabinet cleaned, decluttered and organized..... check

ahhhhhhhhhhh that feels good

The past two days in between doing the above, I have also been doing my endless mount of laundry. Let me tell you, a family of 6 sure can accumulate the laundry. So in my effort to decrease my laundry loads and to declutter our closets, I am going through everyone's clothes and eliminating those clothes that we do not want... (we meaning me... sorry, family, I do the laundry, I get to choose, right?!) Anyway, Goodwill will be getting quite the donation from us by the time I am done. Another win win!!!

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