Friday, January 22, 2010

Can We Talk Breakfast...

While I enjoy cooking my kids breakfasts, sometimes they like, as I do too, to have a good old bowl of cereal for breakfast.. and on occasion they like to have it for a snack. Thanks to MyBlogSpark I was given the oppotunity to try out some of General Mills cereals for free.

While poking around on General Mills website I found a few facts about Big G cereals and breakfast in general that intrigued me...

General Mills announced a commitment to further reduce sugar in cereals advertised to kids under 12 to single digit grams of sugar per serving. The company has already been reducing sugar in cereals while increasing key nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D, and providing whole grain.

The complex combination of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other substances found naturally in whole grains work together to help reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers.

People who eat breakfast tend to consume less fat, less cholesterol & more fiber over the course of their day.

On average breakfast contributes less than 20% of daily calories while delivering 30%of needed calcium, iron and B vitamins.

Kids who eat breakfast tend to perform better in school & have fewer disciplinary problems. Breakfast also tends to help kids stay alert.

Oh and I did try the new Chocolate Cheerios...can I just say YUM!!!

Now go on and have yourself a bowl of cereal, will ya! You can print out a $1 off coupon here to help out!

Disclosure: I was provided coupons and the link to coupon from General Mills throughMyBlogSpark

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