Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The WII, Biggest Loser, The Ring and Me Update 01/26/10

I so was hoping not to have to post a post such as this till further in my weight loss journey, but here goes...................




I kind of knew that I would have that result this week.

Here are my excuses...LOL

-My daughter's birthday was this week and we let them pick out what to have for their birthday dinner. She chose grilled pork steaks (yes, her dad was outside in the cold grilling for her), mashed potatoes (the kind with cheese, bacon, etc.) mac and cheese ('nuff said), corn and for good measure I made a salad... are you feeling all the carbs yet? My body felt them.

-Then as if that one meal wasn't enough, over the weekend she had her actual party which included at her request, pizza, chicken wings, cheese sticks and oreos + her birthday cake...need I say more.

Top the above two excuses with little to no exercise and water intake being less than steller, you get no weight loss and a prayer of thanks that you didn't gain five pounds!

Moving forward this week, hopefully with a lot more self control!!

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