Friday, January 1, 2010

The Wii, Biggest Loser, The Ring and Me....

When it comes to dieting the motivation behind it varies. Some people diet strictly for health reasons, some diet because of an upcoming event where they may run into people they haven't seen for awhile,(ie family reunion, high school reunion - yikes!)
For some, usually those who have just a little to lose, have a dress or outfit that they would love to be able to wear again.. that is sort of where I am at.

Sure the healthy thing to do for me would be dieting...not motivation enough.

Family reunions, well..they have seen me this way for awhile, so there would be no big surprise! As far as high school reunion..not too worried, I only graduated with two other people ( I will explain another time).

I don't have an outfit that I need / want to squeeze into, but I do have something that I would love to wear again....on the correct finger probably have guessed it, my wedding ring.

About 2 pregnancies ago, I outgrew it. I could have and probably should have had it resized... but then where would I ever find motivation to lose weight, right?
Anyway, with the help of the Wii and the Biggest Loser Wii game, I am going to fit into my wedding ring once again. And since I do better when I am held accountable, I am going to blog about this weight loss journey.
The plan is to start January 5th, that is when the next season of Biggest Loser begins.

By the way, because I want you to come back to my blog, I won't be posting any pics of me on the scale in the usual Biggest Loser attire!! Oh and I will let you know how much I want to lose, but I am thinking I will go ahead and keep my starting weight quiet for now...

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