Saturday, August 22, 2009

KMart Double Coupon Week....

KMart doubled coupons this week, so of course, I gathered my coupons up and decided to head on up there. I have to say I even impressed myself.... my total before coupons...$54, my total after coupons...$22, I had $32 dollars in savings, plus to sweeten the deal, a $5 coupon printed for me to use on my next shopping trip!! I typically do not go to KMart except at times like this when I know I can get some really good deals. Anyway, I decided to go on my lunch break this afternoon so that I could use my $5 coupon. I gathered several things that I had coupons for, my total before coupons was $16, my total after coupons including the $5 coupon was.... are you ready? .28 cents!! I couldn't believe it. However, much to my dismay I had no cash at all on me, so I actually had to use my debit card for it. I was almost embarrassed. Below is a quick run down of what I was able to get

Sure deoderant - final cost..... .79 x 5

Pert Plus Shampoo/Conditioner ..... .49 x 2 & 1.49 x 1

Ziploc Bags..... $1.00 x 4

The New Bounce Fabric Softener Bar....$3.49 x 1 - this actually was not a good deal, I could have bought it at WalMart for $2.79 with my coupon. Oh well, you live and learn.

Chinet Plates - Free after coupon

Friskies - Free after coupons x 3

There are some other things I bought (see below), but off the top of my head cannot recall the final price. I know the price was great, but I do not want to put down something inaccurate.

Quilted Northern Toilet Paper
Edge Shaving Gel
Skintimate Shaving Gel
Cheerioes Snack Mix

Anyway, I had a great KMart run and am excited to be able to add to our stockpile!

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