Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Menu Planning

Before we decided that I would be leaving my current position, we really had to take a look at our budget (if that is what you want to call what we had going) and see exactly where the money that I was bringing home was going. Much to our dismay, one thing that we saw was the amount of eating out we did, whether it be Brian and I grabbing a bite to eat on our lunch breaks or me just running through the drive through on the nights that Brian is at work. Feeding our size family at even the cheapest of fast food places is not so cheap!
Realizing that eating out will have to be a thing of the past, I am thinking now is the time to start practicing living with a menu plan. This not only will do wonders for our budget, but eating out is just plain unhealthy!
I am also hoping to incorporate new recipes into my meal plans that my family will like.
My goal is to have our menus for the week planned out and posted by Monday... I have found another blogger who does Meal Planning Mondays - check her out right here. She along with other bloggers will share there menus for the week with recipes, so I am sure I won't have any problems coming up with new things!

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