Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Plan Monday....

Yesterday the kids were kind enough to share with me what they would like to eat this week so here is what our menu for the week is looking like....

Monday - Filled jumbo pasta shells, salad, bread & grapes.
Tuesday - Tacos or taco salad
Wednesday - Either leftovers from the past couple of nights or spaghetti
Thursday - Homemade chicken strips, corn on cob, mac n cheese & salad
Friday - French bread pizza
Sat - Dinner @ mom's
Sun - Dinner @ mom's

This weekend my sister is coming in, which means the majority of the time will be spent at my moms, which is why I do not have to be concerned with cooking dinner at home Sat. or Sun.

Along with each meal, we will have either fresh fruit or veggies with ranch dressing (pretty much the only way the kiddos will eat them)

Also, I apparently will be making banana bread - this has been requested by three of my children! Fortunately, when I went to the grocery store, I came at the right time (which seems to never happen) and was able to get a huge bag of bananas for just pennies a pound because they had been marked down due to them being very ripe. I brought them home, cut them up, put the slices on a baking sheet and threw them in the freezer, once frozen I will put them in baggies. They will be nice to have when I make banana bread or muffins in the future.

As I have stated before, eating out will be a thing of the past for us soon so I am looking for new recipes, especially kid friendly recipes. If you have one please do share.. you can leave it in the comments!

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