Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mary Poppins at the Fox Theater?!

Oh my what an adventure we had today. We were given four tickets to see the musical Mary Poppins at the Fox theater, they were great seats.. the Fox Club section - until today that really meant nothing to me, I had never had Fox Club seating before. Brian was unable to go because he had to work, so my mom kept our youngest, and I took the three older ones.
Now typically I do not like to drive into the city, usually I have Brian, mom or mother in law with me, they know their way around much better than I do. However, I really feel like that this is a fear I just needed to face and get over. Once I quit work, it will be these free or very discounted tickets that I will rely on to keep us entertained, right? I said a quick prayer that I would find my way and there would not be any issues getting us there... and of course, there weren't any at all. The free parking permit that was with the tickets could not have been any better, I mean we had up close and personal parking, I was amazed.
We walk in and immediately I see what exactly it means to have Fox Club tickets. The Kohls pants and Kohls shirt I was wearing might as well as have been a $5 thrift store find, ( ok, not the best metaphor - I actually love thrift store finds)My point being, me and my crew were underdressed at least compared to the people in the Fox Club section.
After getting over that we find our seats, which is actually a table that seats all four of us. We are just getting seated when who else would show up other than our black tie wearing server! Ummm, I didn't exactly come there to eat or even drink for that matter, but I could tell it was definately expected. I asked him to give us a minute that we needed time to make a selection, ok, so I really needed time to find the cheapest items on the menu and see how little we could get away with.I decided that each of the kids would get a Coke to drink and they could share an order of the chicken tenders. Simple enough.
I am curiously watching the people around me, ordering meals, sipping on wine and dressed to the nines. I really wanted to get pics of the kids sitting at the table with the placard that said Fox Club on it, but unsure of the etiquitte, I was waiting till it appeared that noone was paying attention to us, that somehow never happened.
Finally, the show starts, it gets dark, I can hide, my kids can enjoy the drinks the tenders and most importantly the show. The show itself was good until Mary Poppins took the kids for a stroll in the park and had several statues come to life and dance, that wouldn't be a problem, except they were NUDE.. ok now I don't think the actors themselves were nude, I am sure it was a costume, a silver - grey costume made to look like a nude statue... full grown adult men and full grown women if you get my drift. Pretty sure that wasn't in the original Mary Poppins!! I just said a prayer that the kids didn't notice, although the Fox Club seating is very exquisite, it is very high up seating, balcony seating, so my hope/prayer is that the they were not able to see the anatomically correct dancing statues. They never mentioned it, so hopefully my prayers were answered.
The kids are eating their tenders, all four.. you do the math with three kids and four tenders. I wasn't hungry at all, the one time in my life I cannot eat the stinkin' fourth chicken tender. They were really good about it though, they just divided that last tender. What good kids I have. We had one little lack of etiquette moment, when one of them ran out of Coke and what else is there to do, but slurp and slurp. Fortunately, I managed to get them to stop before I felt any glaring eyes on me.
So they are all done eating, enjoying the show, when Ashlyn looks at me and says "mommy, my tummy hurts"... I looked at her and said the typical mommy my tummy hurts response "ok, just sit real still for a minute and I bet you will feel better". That response didn't work this time.. she looks at me and said "no mommy it hurts reeeeeaaaalll bad" and then it started, you know the gag, the cough, that sound you hear right before someone throws up. I never moved so fast and elegantly in my life ( I couldn't do the usual jump up, the yelp, the hurry run to bathroom speech, because, remember where we are at) Speaking of bathrooms, ummm have no clue where it is at, doesn't really matter though, it is too late. It is all down the front of her, it is in a napkin in my hand, for whatever reason I thought I could catch it. Bad idea!!! So we finally get to the bathroom, I am in there cleaning her up as best as I could, when here comes my other two running into the bathroom... I don't even want to think how they exited our seats!! Once she is cleaned up, I ask to pay our tab, which, by the way was $18 for 3 Cokes and four chicken tenders, not including the tip and as quietly as you can with a 7 year old who just threw up and totally hates the fact that her clothes are wet now, a 5 year old who is very upset that we are leaving, even though just 5 minutes prior to this whole episode wanted to know how much longer the show was, and a 10 year old who needs a constant reassurance that this was just Ashlyn's acid reflux acting up and that she is not going to throw up too... right mom, right? We left. That was our day today..I am pretty sure that the staff will find out who exactly owns the seats we sat in and will politely ask that they see to it that we are never given those seats again! Oh well, somehow in the midst of it all and before Ash got sick, we had fun!

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  1. Bless your heart!

    Too funny (in a THAT family way :D)

    Thanks for celebrating with me!