Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Bathroom

is getting a new look! I am so excited!
Brian is putting down ceramic tile in our bathroom. It is going to be nice once he is done. To complete this project, he had to take up our toilet. Did I tell you we only have one bathroom? Did I tell you that this project is about a 2 day project? All I can say is I have never been so thankful to live no more than a mile from my mom. I will post some before, during and after pics once completed. I will also let you know about the Lowes employee that probably thinks that Brian is stalking him considering how many trips he has had to make up there in the past 24 hours - non too happily I might add. Hmmmm I wonder if now is a bad time to ask for the kitchen to be tiled, afterall, we are proud owners of a tile saw!!!

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